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ᅠAs every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.  If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever.  Amen.

1 Peter 4:10-11

Administrative Ministries

Educational Ministries

Music Ministries

Outreach Ministries

Pastoral Care Ministries



  • Deacons

    To support and represent our Bishop and Elders in prayer before the Lord for His continual revelation and anointing, administer and manage an overall care program for each Way of Life member and candidates for membership, and perform various services of a practical and spiritual nature in the church.

  • Double Honor

    Faithfully assuming and attending practical and spiritual matters that releases Bishop Kelley to give herself continually to the Word of God and prayer.

  • Elders

    To serve our Bishop, feed the flock of God and administer love, care and oversight to the members.

  • Pastor's Prayer Partners

    To consistently and regularly commune with the Lord, so as to uphold our Bishop and intercede for those needs as directed by  Holy Spirit.

  • Evangelistic Outreach

    The promotion and proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, through various fields of ministry, that will produce new birth.

  • Heroes of Faith

    Through the reservoir of God-giftedness, personal experience and knowledge, mature adults seek to declare the Lord Jesus Christ to this generation and all that are to come.

  • Home Bible Study

    Through the power of the Holy Spirit, administer the Word of God to the lost, so as to produce new birth and total commitment to the Lord, as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8.

  • Missions

    The administration of the Word of God (locally and abroad) in teaching and preaching by those who have been ordained as gifts to the Body (Ephesians 4:11).

  • Prison

    The administration of love, care and the Word of God to those incarcerated that will produce new birth and total commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Seeds of Promise

    To create an atmosphere that will produce new birth, stimulate spiritual growth and fulfill God’s mandate to nuture and train responsible, committed youth ages 15 to 21 to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in various fields of ministry.

  • Assimilation

    Helping guests (lost and unchurched) to know, receive, and become fully committed followers of the Lord Jesus Christ that they might become mature Christians and fulfill God’s will for their lives.

  • Growth Groups Administration

    To aid and assist teachers and facilitators through varied clerical responsibilities.

  • Librarian

    To keep and support the charge of the library as purposed and give assistance and information to users of the library as needed that the right of use might be maintained.

  • Adult Choir

    To create and promote an atmosphere in which God can move within our Church, with the main focus being that of glorifying our Lord and supporting our leadership whereby the vision of Way of Life might be fulfilled.

  • Musicians

    Create and promote an atmosphere in which God can move within our Church, with the main focus being that of glorifying our Lord and supporting our leadership whereby the vision of Way of Life might be fulfilled.

  • Media/Audio Sound Technicians

    Sound technicians directly responsible for engineering and maintaining the public address system and all audio/visual equipment.

  • Youth Choir

    Create and promote an atmosphere in which God can move within our church, with the main focus being that of glorying our Lord and supporting our leadership, whereby the vision of Way Of Life might be fulfilled.

  • Altar Counsellors

    To minister to those inquiring of the Lord and effectively convey the gospel to those whom the Lord is drawing to Himself.

  • Altar Workers

    Aid candidates in water baptism, support the Elders and minister to respondents of the altar invitation and assist (as needed) those exercised in expressions of praise and worship.

  • Buildings/Grounds


    To maintain and keep beautiful the House of God; both the internal and external, that it may be an attractive and pleasant place of worship.

  • Greeters/Ushers

    To instill a respect and reverence for the House of God and help establish an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth by communicating God’s love with joy and sincerity to all who enter our services.  And to also give directions, distribute information and answer questions regarding our church in a manner that will support the vision of Way of Life.

  • Hospitality

    To administer and extend Christian fellowship, support and hospitality.

  • Promotions

    As an extension of outreach to the lost and other church ministries, the primary purpose is to aid in the communication of the Gospel of Christ, and edify the Body of Christ through news release, photography and artistic presentations.

  • Resource Center

    To assist those in need of special services in the church and community through the administration of the Word of God, food, clothing and shelter with the end result being that of total restoration (spirit, soul and body), thereby bearing one another’s burdens and fulfilling the law of Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves.

  • Set-up Technicians

    To appropriate all means necessary to make the House of God a more effective and pleasant place of worship.


  • Growth Groups Facilitators

    Stimulate discussion and motivate interaction among students through Growth Group Studies.

  • Growth Groups Teachers

    Administer the Word of God to believers and unbelievers that results in salvation of the lost and spiritual maturity of the believer.

  • Life Academy

    To produce generations of young people who excel academically through an individualized course of study while developing them spiritually by application of a biblically based character curriculum thus readying them to work in various fields of enterprise nationally and internationally.


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