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Classes for Our Guests

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Finding Purpose in Life


Probably at some point in your life you have struggled with the answer to this question.  Life has purpose beyond our daily routines that fulfill and satisfy every aspect of our being.  Come, join us as we explore the answer to this question and discover God's will and purpose for your life.

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Classes for Prospective Members

The Uniqueness of Jesus

The Uniqueness of Jesus class helps new believers understand how Jesus Christ is the most influential person to have ever walked on this earth.  The class expounds upon Jesus' earthly life, his death and resurrection.  How Jesus Christ is living on the inside of every believer and his headship over the Church is explored.  The believer will come to have a better understanding of Jesus' influence on the world and in our lives individually.  Finally, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that He alone can pardon our sin, giving the believer purpose, peace and power to live the Christian life.

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Solid Rock Foundation

The Solid Rock Foundation class provides all new members with a basic understanding of the primary principles of Christian living.  We explain how one can have assurance of his/her salvation and the importance of continued fellowship with our Heavenly Father.  We emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Christian’s purpose and responsibility.  We also discuss the characteristics of spiritual warfare, becoming like Christ through adversity and being a true witness.  The significance of stewardship, water baptism and the Lord’s table are also presented.

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit class is a 9 week study designed to help believers understand the nature and purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  By the end of this study, participants will not only understand who the Holy Spirit is, but know how to personally receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so they can effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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